Learning Journal for MILG11

So, yesterday I purchased MILG11 by Motionworks. It’s something I wanted for a long time, but it took me some months until I was able to convince myself to really buy it. On one hand it’s the price (129 USD) and on the other hand I didn’t know if I have the time to watch all those videos (I think it’s almost 24 hours of videos in total). But I know that my modelling skills are not the best and often this limits me in creating the things I want to do. Since I’ve never learned how to model and only watched a little tutorial here and there, I realised that I need to invest some money and time to learn it properly. The demo videos on the MILG11 page convinced me immediately. So here I am, starting my journey into hard surface modelling and once again I’m learning something new and trying to get better.

I will keep an updated list on this page, to track my progress and make sure I remember what I’ve just watched:

  • 07.05.2016: 01 Geometry Basics, 01 Directing Flow: Always use quads (not triangles or n-gons), because you can predict loop, ring and cut flows. Double click on edge to select the whole edge. Click Ctrl-Shift Edge to select the shortest path, if and edge stops to flow (because it hits a vertex with 3 edges or more than 4)


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